We use a custom 3 camera rig for filming our games. It is set up on a tall tripod and staked down at the start of the game. All 3 cameras are recording for the entire game. Afterward the footage is edited and uploaded.

The rig allows us to set it up, start recording, and focus on the game. No operator or cameraman is necessary. Editing afterwards is fairly quick (around 20-30 minutes per game).

The main downside to a setup like this is that the field of view is wide, so detailed action shots (like what would be used in an ESPN highlight) are not available. Instead you get a good overview that can be used as a teaching tool or for players in the game to review.

It's possible that this rig could be improved with higher resolution cameras, higher quality lenses, more cameras, more rigs, etc. This setup is just about the bare minimum, price-wise, to get a full tournament on film without needing any work on the day-of.


I use DaVinci Resolve to edit because it's free and supports multicam editing. The process I use to edit is documented in this How-To Multicam Edit video on our YouTube channel.


Part Qty Cost (ea) Notes
13ft Tripod 1 $70 Plenty of height to get over spectators and get a nice view. Needs to be staked down. I had to drill holes in the legs so that I could stake it. Could probably get by with some sandbags instead.
15mm Cheese Rod 1 $13 Attaches to the top of the tripod. Camera mount and battery mount screw into it.
Swivel Ball Head Camera Base Mount 3 $10 Cameras mount onto these. They allow specific positioning of the frame. Attaches to the top of the cheese rod.
Metal Phone Tripod Mount 1 $15 Used as a battery mount. Attaches to the underside of the cheese rod.
12MP 60FPS Action Camera 3 $43 These are just cheap GoPRO knockoffs. I don't know how the quality compares to GoPRO but it is sufficient for our needs. It is important that the camera can record at 60FPS at the max resolution.
128GB MicroSD Memory Card 3 $40 128GB gives just enough room for a whole tournament. Each hour of film is about 12GB. You could save money here and get 64GB cards ($20/ea) and dump the footage after each day. I don't always have a computer available to do this at remote tournaments.
Threaded Screws Mount Set 1 $10 Used to connect the cheese rod to the mounts.
13000mAh Portable Battery 1 $36 13000mAh gets all 3 cameras through about 5 hours. I'd probably go with a 20000mAh pack if you don't want to worry about changing it out on long days.
USB to Right Angle Micro USB 3 $5 If you don't have right angle connectors into the cameras the cords can really get in the way of the frame.
USB Splitter Cable Male to 2 Female 1 $6 I couldn't find any batteries that had 3 USB ports, so you need to split one port into two.
Total $444 Just a bit more than 1x GoPRO HERO 6